Laura Hurtado O. –Co Founder & CEO Sculptor State-of-the-art-Clinic

Laura is an enterprising, visionary and dreamer woman, flexible to change, increasingly seeking spirituality and building her best version every day. 

She is a structured professional, with high leadership capacity, creation of innovative strategies and execution, graduated in business administration from the renowned University of Higher Administration Studies (CESA) in Bogotá, Colombia. With more than 10 years of experience in the area of sales, marketing and business intelligence. in multinational mass consumption and food and beverage companies. 

She is currently being certified as a Coach and is the creator of the innovative concept in the world of plastic surgery. And Sculptor aesthetic medicine, a team of 17 professionals that make up the Sculptor Clinic family. 

“I dare to set my goals high and make a difference… I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone every day and seek to raise the bar in all aspects of my life”

The universe is energy, and it is moved by the passion and love with which we do things, we humans are definitely the greatest source of love and we must honor this by always seeking our best version to impact our homes, our communities and make the world A better place…