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Sculptor Clinic provides the latest in advanced techniques, procedures, treatments and aesthetic medicine incorporating the latest technology and the highest quality products selected from around the world. We believe that any successful procedure is also the result of a complete, transparent and humane consultation with our trained sculptors. Taking a holistic approach, we provide exceptional clinical standards along with concierge service plus the peace of mind of caring and nutritional importance throughout the patient journey.


A care space where the patient can express their problems, symptoms and doubts regarding their health condition or aesthetic desire. With this information, the medical concierge will be able to guide and support the patient in finding the right Sculptor Clinic service and artist for their need.


At Sculptor Clinic, the well-being and health of our existing and new patients is paramount. We carefully analyze the request and current health of each patient to ensure that they are in the right condition for the suggested procedures. From there, the consultation is coordinated and carried out.


Always ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of our patients before, during and after the procedure, our artists provide complete honesty with all the information and suggestions regarding the wishes and needs of the patient. After this, each patient is given the necessary time and space to make their decision before undergoing the procedure, allowing them a space to ingest all the information clearly and calm down.


The safety of our patients during any procedure, whether minor or major, is also among our priorities. Therefore, prior to the procedure, we again verify all the medical details, including history and current, of our patients prior to the procedure to perform it safely and without risk to the patient.

The Surgery / Procedure

Just as we accompany and guide our patients during the previous consultations, we continue it during the operation, making sure that they are safe, calm and comfortable throughout the journey.


Our artists ensure that patients are complying with their aftercare and that results are showing up properly through follow-up appointments. So that the recovery process from start to finish is as efficient, fast and painless as possible.

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